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I'm exploring the option of using a reliable FileMaker Web Hosting service for a client. Can anyone make a recommendation of a good service that charges reasonable rates? Initially I would expect to host up to 5 files with 5-10 concurrent users using WebConnect running SeedCode Complete on a FileMaker 14 Server. Synching may be needed for up to 5 iPads. I would also be interested in the experiences you may have had under a similar scenario or if you could make a recommendations. Performance is very important. If necessary, we can resort to running FMS14 on a LAN, but there are users who would be spread out across the Seattle metropolitan area as well as the Kitsap Peninsula. Also, the client does not have a system admin on staff to monitor the server or make backups. So remote access would be very helpful to everyone involved. If a remote system performs well, I could envision up to 20 concurrent users maximum in the first year.

Any thoughts or recommendations you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Rob,

I'd look at if you're in the Seattle area. I believe their servers are now in PDX but they are still very fast from Seattle and Joey is *very* responsive. They've hosted some stuff for us and for customers, bailing both out on occasion =)

Hope that helps,

John Sindelar

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