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PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2005 8:25 am
Hi All,

I need to export data from a relatively simple two file relational database in FM5.
I have a Company File which contains supplier companies details plus check boxes which indicate what product types the supplier (there are 25 main product types).

I have a Customer file which lists details of the customer plus what product types they are interested in (same product types as per the company file).

I have set up relationships in the Customer file so I can portal through the company names of the companies which supply the products in which the customers are interested. So far so good.

What I want to do is to export this data so I can mailmerge it in Word, the aim of which is to supply Customers with a letter which lists the supplier companies of the products they want.

Thing is, when I export it as an Excel or csv file I get a mix of horizontal and vertical data. E.g.

Customer Name Prod A Sup Prod B Sup Product C Sup
David Fox Company A Company B Company X
Company Z Company Y
Company G
Arthur Jones Company A
Company Z Company B

Etc. etc.

Excel cannot cope with for a malimerge this so is there a way of achieving the same result by a different kind of export?

I could print these through Filemaker but the only way to do this is to set the portals up side by side so they print down the page. As there are so many Product Types I simply cannot fit these on the page and have them legible (printing mailmerge on Filemaker and trying to stop it chopping bits off the top and bottom of portals is an issue in itself!

Any suggestions much appreciated as always.


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