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Reviewing the trial copy of Complete. Will be using it in an electronic medical record. Question on the invoice - need to have option of creating an invoice per appointment (as it appears to be set up for) but also to do monthly billing for a single source for numerous appts (different people, different services, different days) for services done over that month's time. (Pt A seen 6/2 for service 1, Pt B seen 6/14 for service 2, Pt C seen 6/22 for service 3, all billed to account Z; Pt A is also seen 6/4 for a reg visit that would trigger an individual visit invoice - separate account). Is this do-able?

Can I change the resources list on the trial copy? If so, how?

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A typical approach would be to consolidate all those invoices by importing all the related line items into a single invoice at the end of the month. That type of invoice should be easy to isolate as it will have an event id associated with it.

DocT wrote:Can I change the resources list on the trial copy? If so, how?

This is just a regular value list, but we seem to have the manage value list control disabled in Complete. I think this might be a mistake, as we have it open in the demo for Calendar Pro. I'll check on this. You can download the demo for calendar pro, and change the resources there if you want to see how it works. It's the same list, same functionality. ...


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