Tip: Adding New Appointment Colors (Pro Calendar)

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The "Settings" screen of the About Tab in CC Calendar Pro ( screenshot ) lets you define the color codes used for each appointment type.

You can also use the portal in the lower left of the screen to add new colors.

The easiest way to do this is to enter Layout Mode in FileMaker Pro and create a rectangle using the layout drawing tools. You can do this on any layout you wish as we'll delete the object from the layout when we're done.

Make sure the rectangle has a line width of 0 and give it whichever fill color you'd like. Make sure the rectangle is at least 25 px high by 888 px wide. (You can use View / Object Size to see or set the exact size of your rectangle- if the sizes aren't shown in px, simply click on the unit of measure until it reads "px".)

Then copy the rectangle from the layout and return to the "Settings" screen in browse mode. Click the green "new color" button and give the color a name. Then "tab" into the next field where the color will go. Simply paste the colored rectangle you've copied into this field. You can then return to the top portal and use this new color's name for any of your appointment types.

That's it!
John Sindelar

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