Tip: Displaying Time on Multi-Day Events

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In version 5.35 of the Pro Calendar (and previous), if you create a multi-day event, the time indicator on the left side of the day view will be completely colored in for the duration of your event- even if you don't set start and end times. The calendar assumes the event will go "all day" from the start date to the end date.

You may not want the calendar to do this, so what follows is a simple modification to only display the times of multi-day events when there is start time specified.


1. Add the following to the beginning of the ApptKeyTimeRangeCalc field in CCCalAppts:
Code: Select all
If ( IsEmpty ( ApptTimeStart ) ; "" ;

2. Add a single parentheses to the end of the same calc.

That's It!
John Sindelar

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