Bug Fix: Occasional "-" for a User's Initials

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 2:12 pm

Leaving the "Show / Hide Appts for" filter to "Hide" with no criteria in it can cause newly created appointments to display a "-" where the users' initials should be, even though the users' initials are properly recorded. All calendar versions are affected.

Thanks to Munchieman5150 for catching this!

The Fix

In the CC Calendar script "New Appointment", edit the line immediately following the "Set the ApptUser... comment from this:
Code: Select all

To this:
Code: Select all

Do the same for the next set field, the one following the "Set the ApptKeyType..." comment. Change that from this:
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To this:
Code: Select all

Note. If any existing appointments show the "-", you'll need to delete that character from the user's field manually.

That's it!
John Sindelar

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