Tip: Permit a Certain Number of Conflicts (double booking)

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CC Calendar Scheduling Edition offers the ability to flag conflicting records. In some cases you may wish to allow a certain number of conflicts, and show a flag only when a 3rd conflicting appointment arises.

The Mod

Daily View(s)

Currently, the daily view displays a red bar to the left of the appointment record if there is a conflict. This bar is simply a related field from the interface table- if the relationships out to that field are true, then you have a conflict. You'll replace this with a calculated field in the CCCaplAppts table in order to add a Count() test to this display. The field you want already exists, in fact you simply need to make some changes to it. The field is called "ApptDisplayConflictCalc".

This field currently tests for the presence of a record in AppointmentsDailyConflicts. Change that test to a count and you're in business...

Code: Select all
If ( SettingsValuesDaily::SettingShowConflictsOnSchedule = "Yes" ;
If ( count ( AppointmentsDailyConflicts::PrimeApptIDX ) > 3  ; Interface::IntRedGlob )

Don't forget, you still have to use this in place of the current indicator on the daily view. Note that you can make that Count() test different for different users or resources. (This is also the field you'd use if you want to show a conflict indicator on the Mini Window Edit Appointment layout.)

Schedule View(s)

On the schedule view, you'll edit the 10 versions of the "HourSchedulingConflictCalc01" field in the hours table. This field is already in use on the scheduling layouts and already has a Count() test within it. Simply change the count test to reflect the number of conflicts you'll permit.

That's it!

(Note that if you want to change the "criteria" for what constitutes a conflict, you'll change the conflict relationships themselves. Search the calendar's FAQ for "conflict" to get started.)
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