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So I've started working on the 'Toggle View' i.e. displaying 'Project Overview' entries only (without phases/etc). (I've created 2 scripts/buttons: 'collapse' & 'expand' which basically just apply a filter to show only 'Project Overview' type, or to clear the type to go back to 'expanded view') It's set up to open up by default in the 'collapsed' view.

as it came setup on gantt originally, when you go to click on the individual portal? row in the chart it goes to a new mini window displaying an edit project view.

what i'd like it to do is:

to stay in the gantt chart, but perform the exact same script as 'Show as Gantt' button from Projects Layout. i.e. show the expanded project filtered for only the project clicked. I've got this to do somewhat just by linking the the show as gantt script, but i'm not sure how to tell it to go to the specific record from the gantt chart. it keeps just choosing the 1st record by default. (i know if i apply a filter just for the specific project and link "expand" script it will do this manually, but i can't figure out how to go to the related job/project just by clicking on it)


even better, while looking at the filtered gantt chart showing only the project overview rows, if when clicking on individual records, it 'expands' that project record, whilst showing the remaining untoggled/expanded records surrounding it. (does that make sense?)

and even more so!!!.... :D :D

if somehow if you clicked Again on the individual job/project... it performed the original mini- window editing script. (is there someway to tell filemaker what to do when 'double' clicking?)

any hints or advice most welcome.

*katie :D

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