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PostPosted: Fri Jan 02, 2015 7:48 am
FM11 on MacOSX 10.10.1 or Win7 64


Has anyone actually tried to add columns to the resources view ?

I have now in the last five hours made at least nine unsuccessful attempts at completingtrying to change the 7 columns to 12.
I can make the change from 7 to 12 columns, but then the view get more or less screwed up.

Resizing of the portal is omitted from the help, but it was more or less expected that that needed to be done as well.
However, when I try to resize the portal ( CalendarPortal 4 ) to width : 1403 all kinds of strange stuff happens, but primarily no records are shown anymore.

In some of my attempts the time column doesn't show (on the left) ( strange enough if I widen the portal and place the time fields on the right side of the portal they turn up.

Any pointers would be great !
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Basically the order of the stacked objects in the calendar-view portals needs to stay the same as in the shipping product. FileMaker will change an object's stacking order if you nudge it even one pixel outside the bounds of its enclosing element (portal, tab control, etc.). The object may even become disassociated with the enclosing object altogether.

The way I make these kinds of changes is to first change the number of portal rows to 2, then drag the portal as tall as possible without letting it extend past the bottom edge of its enclosing tab panel. That makes the top portal row tall enough so I can nudge each field object down so none of them overlap. Then select the field objects one at a time and first make them narrower, so when you increase the number of repetitions they won't extend past the right edge of the portal. Use the Info palette to note each object's original size and position to you can get everything back where it needs to be after you've made your adjustments.

HTH -Jeff

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