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I am working for a client that needs this integrated into a current solution.
Before I start this integration I need to know a couple of things..

I will precursor this with. The solution they are using is a single file. That has 30000 Records in the contact table.

They are billed for each live database on the server that is to be expected.

I am trying to see if any of the files can be kept on a local directory with there Log in file that connects them to the server so as not to create a costs for hosting files that I can point FM to locally.
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Hi Scott,

I'm sorry, but I don't think you'll be able to do that. While you can mix local and served files (this is a venerable FileMaker technique from back in FM3-5 when the networking was much worse) you have some limitations on what a served file can do.

In general, the local file can know that there is a served file and use its data, call scripts in it, etc. bit it doesn't work the other way. The served file can't know where a local file is, us its data, or call scripts in it. And you'll want this kind of two-way interaction between fmSpark and your file so you'll need to host them all.
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