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I have followed the instructions on setting up my own file to work with the Zulu calendar function. I am strictly trying to get the functionality of showing Filemaker records in iCal and on the iPhone/iPad (no Google Sync). I am having issues with trying to setup the CalDAV account on both Calendar (Mountain Lion 10.8 ) and on iPhone (iOS 6.1.3). I have tried with my file and the sample file. After I publish the calendar using the "Publish" button (no errors), I get a webpage that says my calendar has been published. When I follow the instructions to add the calendar to iCal, I cannot add the calendar. I keep getting an error stating "No CalDAV servers were found" and when trying again in subsequent screens in Calendar/iCal I get an error stating "Calendar found a CalDAV server but couldn't log in with the user name 'waj'...". I have tried this with several known FileMaker accounts (each with [Full Access] privileges). I have tried this both on an internal and external network so I have ruled out any firewall issues.

When I go to and run the "test configuration button, it shows that "Zulu is communicating successfully with Web Publishing Engine running on localhost (ssl: false)". Again, I am not using Google Sync, but I thought it might be important that there is communication between Zulu and the WPE.

After a restart of the server, I am able to add the sample file as a read only subscription, but not as a normal calendar. I cannot add my file as a subscription or as a normal calendar. I am leaning toward the idea that this is an authentication error (see 2nd attached screen shot).

I am running FileMaker Server 12 on a MacMini Server running 10.8.3 Server. I am not running any other web services through the server app.

I'm sure I am missing some step, but I am not finding what that step is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Error Message
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Thanks for your note. Zulu is now being supported by 360Works, our co-authors on this project. I've CC'ed your request to them at and you should be hearing back shortly.
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Hello Guys,

I tried everything, but I have got the same problem here.
Is it possible that it has something to do with the java version?

Hopefully someone can help.

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