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Build 3.14 and 3.15 of GoZync addressed three bugs you may have seen if a) you're syncing related data, b) you're syncing related container fields, or c) you have zync layouts named differently than that TOs your syncing. All three bug are fixed in this build and instructions for making the changes in your copy (if you've already deployed GoZync) follow.

The Fixes

All fixes involve changes to scripts in GoZyncHosted.

1. Edit the script "Build Package - FLM Off"

Move the line indicated here.

2. Edit the script "Get Fields { FileName } (LayoutName; LayoutTableName)" and find the line shown here.

Change the calc for that variable, adding the line shown in blue here.

3. In the same script, find this line toward the start of the script. The script parameter for that line ends with "$LayoutTableName )" and it should be changed to end with "$LayoutName )".

4. (new in 3.15) Similar to item 2, edit the script in GoZyncMobile named "Cache Fields On Layouts (LayoutName... ". Change the calc in the "$OtherIDFieldName" variable as shown in the screen shot here. Note that you'll need to distribute a new version of GoZyncMobile to your users.

That's it!

Feel free to download a copy of 3.15 from to double check these scripts if you'd like.
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