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If I have setup a sync layout, "Assignments Zync" based on TO Assignments, but I run the "Zync It - This Table" script while I am on a different layout based on TO Assignments, does GoZync just sync whatever fields are on the "Assignments Zync" layout?

Is there a way to have more than one GoZync TO for a single TO within my solution, such that I can sync only specific fields from my TO based on the circumstance?

Or would you accomplish this by creating a separate TO in the solution, say "Assignments 2" and then creating a GoZync TO based on that?


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Yes. You'd need a second TO and a second sync layout for this. You can then call one of our API scripts directly and specify which TO to use. Call this...

Zync It - Public API - ( TOName ) { Action ; RecordID }

...in GoZyncMobile sending in your TO name and optionally the action you'd like to take. The head of that script has instructions on syntax etc.

But remember that if you choose to sync a subset of fields on TO/Layout A and more fields on TO/Layout B, either sync will mark the *record* synced. And it won't sync again until it is modified again.

If that's a problem, consider two options:

- Maybe field level merge would work as it syncs only the fields that have changed.

- Or maybe these two groups of fields more properly belong in separate records, like a header and a detail record for the same object. You'll sometimes see this in contacts databases, for example where the main contact info is in one record, and their "qualifications" or "equipment authorizations" are in one or more related records. If you choose this option, TO/Layout B (in my example above) would be based on this new table and synced separately.

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Thank you - very helpful!

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