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I will put this post here since there is not a GoMaps category yet..

I have gomaps setup with gozync and integrated into our solution. Data is syncing fine.

We do have quite a few records that do not have any geolocation codes in them since we did not add this feature to our application at a later date.

Is there a way to still sync those records but just not show them on the map, but still on the list?

It seems when we download the records that do not have any geo information the gomaps client hangs..??

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The short answer is yes, you can disable the missing geo code check in GoMaps. There is a script called "Check Property Integrity" in GoMaps that cleans up property data just in case some things are missing. One of those things is it searches all property records for missing geo codes and uses googles geo code service to fill them in. This is probably why it appears to hang as it can take some time to get that information from google if you have a lot of records that are missing the geo codes.

If you want to disable that process just edit the script in script manager and look for the comment that says "Check for missing GeoCodes". Under that you will see an if statement. You can comment out the contents of the if statement using the double forward slash //. So the if statement would look like "//$sc_geoCodeCount < Get (FoundCount)" without the quotes. This will let GoMaps compile the map data regardless if there is a geo code or not, and because there is no geo code on some of the properties, those won't show up on the map.

All of that being said, we do provide scripts in the GoMaps Hosted file that will help with geo coding your addresses before they are synced down to GoMaps. If you haven't already import all of the scripts from GoMaps Hosted into your solution and you can use the script "GeoCodeAddress" to geo code single addresses. You can also use the script "Re-GeoCode All Properties" to do all your records. Keep in mind that google only allows up to 2500 geo code requests per day so if you have more records than that you may have to edit the script to create found sets and split them up over a multiple day period.

Both of those scripts rely on you geo location field having an object name assigned so look at that field in GoMaps Hosted to see the object name we used.

Hope that helps,


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