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PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:45 pm
Good morning all.

This is a post to recount a recent experience. I have resolved it, but if anyone has any ideas why it happened, jump right in :D

A user brought their iPad to me saying "it won't sync'. This is a solution that had up-until that point, been running relatively smoothly. I couldn't find out what, if any, unusual occurrences happen just prior to attempting the sync.

On looking at the GoZync logs, they showed 102 errors for the first table in the sync process. I looked at the mobile data file and hosted data file to check that Field Names were the same, and I could see no problems.

Other users could sync without an issue (same version of GZM and mobile files).

I first replaced GZM on the problem iPad, then the solution file, and finally the data file, all without resolution.

As a last resort, I reinstalled FMGO and added the same set of GZM, solution and data files. This fixed the problem.

Hope this helps anyone else experiencing 102 errors, who has tried the normal trouble shooting steps found here
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Hi Frostie,

Thanks for posting the details of this on the forum. It sounds like you went through all the troubleshooting steps correctly. You should only see 102 errors if a field is missing or has a different name on one of your layouts in GoZyncMobile, or if there's a transformation (custom field mapping) but the field is repeating and there isn't a field mapping for each repetition.

Sometimes, there can be issues when the FileMaker Go version doesn't match the major version number of your host (FMS 15 and FMGo 15), and we always suggest using the same major version, but I'm not sure that was the issue in this case.

I'm glad you were able to resolve the issue. We'll make sure to look out for this issue in the future.



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