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Notes on our latest calendar for FileMaker 13,: DayBack
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Please back up your file before making any changes.

If you haven't already, navigate to the "Settings" tab in the calendar sidebar and click "Account Settings". Click "Check For Updates". This button should change to "Install Update" and inform you that version 10.51 is available. Click "Install Update".

You should follow these instructions if you have done the embedded integration or the linking integration and you don't want to perform the integration all over again.

The Changes

Fixing an issue related to FileMaker Go

The "Get Webviewer Calendar FilePath" script contains a "If Statement" script step that should be on line 21. This If Statement needs to be updated so that it excludes FileMaker Go.

Please change the contents of this if statement to the content below:

GetAsNumber ( Get ( ApplicationVersion ) ) ≥ 17 and Get( SystemPlatform ) ≠ 3

This should match the screenshot below:

FMGo Fix.png
FMGo Fix.png (123.2 KiB) Viewed 6408 times

Save the script changes once they have been made.

Finishing Up:
Change the build number recorded in the database. Navigate to "File -> Manage -> Database" then go to the "CalendarInterface" table. Change the "BuildNumberCalc" calculation to read "10.51". Click "OK" to save those changes.

Then please run the "Upon Opening" script in your file. This will ensure all of the new settings load properly and the calendar loads with the correct data.

That's it, enjoy DayBack 10.51.

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