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PostPosted: Tue Mar 01, 2005 2:54 pm
I have placed CCcalendar on each personal computer as directed. I have "served" the other files by placing shortcuts to the databases in the Filemaker Server application folder. One person opens up his CCcalendar and everything is great. The second person opens up his CCcalendar and, though it takes almost a minute to load, once it is loaded, everything is great. The problem arises when the first person wants to shut down his calendar. An error message pops up and says that the other users have to shut down all of the served databases for the first person to shut down. That is weak. How do I not get this problem. Where is the problem occurring? Please help. Thanks.
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 5:12 am
jowayo wrote: That is weak.

Indeed. =)

Sounds like you're not really serving the calendar to the first user but that your first user is opening the files as the host.

The first user should open the served files via File / Open Remote. (Or, more accurately, the local CC Calendar file for these uses should be pointed at the served files using File / Open Remote.) You'll know if this is working correctly because if it is the first user (indeed all users) will see a little progress badge saying "Opening X as guest of..." and the name of your server.

If the first user gets a message like "Opening X as multi-user to allow guest access over the network" you'll know they are opening the file directly over the OS file sharing and not from FileMaker Pro Server.

(By the way, if that is what's happening you should disable file sharing on your server. The potential for someone to open both a FM Server connection AND a file sharing connection to the same file can really screw up your databases.)

If I've misdiagnosed this you may want to consider this modifiation...

... that will let you serve the whole calendar. (If you're not using FileMaker Pro Server you'll have to make this mod in order to share the FM6 calendar peer-to-peer.)


John Sindelar

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