Event Colors

How are events color coded?

The calendar colors events based on the contents of a field of your choosing. We call this field the event "status" in the documentation and field mapping, but you can use any field you'd like and translate the interface to call it something else: "department", "category", "state".

We do suggest using this for something temporal about the event (like its confirmation status) and use resources for more concrete facts about the event like where it is or whose it is.

The Details

Setting up color coding begins in field mapping where you're asked which field DayBack should us for "status" (should use for color coding).

When the value of that field matches on of the values in DayBack's list of status filters then you'll see colors in your event.

You'll maintain the list of statuses and their colors on the filters tab of the DayBack: think of these like a value list for that field.

In DayBack for FilleMaker these values come from a value list in your file, but in DayBack Online these values not taken from your file but are part of your group's DayBack account so you'll create and maintain this list in DayBack Online, not in FileMaker.

This is the same list you'll see in the event details popover:

Adjusting Status Colors

Here are some tips for creating and adjusting status colors.

Click the "+" button above the list of status filters to make a new one: your cursor will be in the name field.
Select the color you'd like by manipulating the color picker. It consists of three columns. The left, and widest, lets you fine-tune the color. The middle column lets you pick the general color spectrum, and the third column adjusts the transparency.
If you have colors you'd like to match exactly, simply type the RGBA value in right below the color picker. (The "A" in RGBA is alpha, or transparency, so just enter 1 if you're trying to match colors exactly.)
Click on the gear icon beside an existing color to edit or delete it. Note that deleting or renaming a color here doesn't change the value of that field in any events that may be using that status/color.

Can I Based My Event Colors on a Calculated Field?

No. The status/color field needs to be editable. You can, however, use an auto-enter calc here. =)

Can I color code by Source instead of by a field?

Yes. In Admin / Sources / Source Settings you'll see a setting for the default event color for that source: enter your color there (in RGB format) and the pull the status field from your event popover but unchecking "enabled".

Can I color by a field outside the Event, like the Event's Project's Status?

Sadly, no. Only local fields are supported.

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