What About GoMaps

No longer necessary

Prior to ProMaps version 1.05 we offered ProMaps along with a separate product called "GoMaps." The GoMaps file was optimized for FileMaker Go on iPads and included scripts ready to accept a GoZync license.

With ProMaps version 1.05 we no longer have a separate GoMaps file. It's no longer necessary for a few reasons:

When we got started it was much harder to make a great looking file for iPad. Device rotation alone was very tricky. As of FileMaker 14, making great looking files for iPad is no longer difficult.
Most customers already had a mobile file they were syncing. These customers didn't need GoMaps and used ProMaps because it's designed to be pasted into another file.
GoZync has also gotten better and, in particular, it's now much easier to integrate, so the head start offered by GoMaps is no longer worth the complexity. Customers will be much better served by using ProMaps and following our integration instructions to add the map to a mobile file they are already syncing.

If you're currently using GoMaps and want to take advantage of the new ProMaps, you'll add it to your mobile file just like you would to any other FileMaker file. A few tips for replacing your current build of maps can be found at the top of the page here.

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