Property Images

How do I specify an image for my property?

Images are in a separate table (media) related to the properties table. The thumbnail of the first related media record is used in the map popover.

What if I don't have an image?

If only some of your records have images, ProMaps will show a "no image" slide for the ones missing images. You can change the placeholder image used by altering the "Default Property Image" in Settings / General Settings.

If none of your records will have photos, just delete this placeholder image and ProMaps won't attempt to show it.

Dynamic Images

The path to your image is defined in the "gm_MapData” field in your properties table. You can get creative here and show images from other URLs when you don't have an image. A customer submitted this cool mod showing how to use Google Street View images of the address:

Instructions for making that change are here.

When / Where are thumbnails created?

The field Media::Thumbnail is a container field that is populated when you manually add an image using the Properties Detail layout. There is a script trigger on the image container that runs the "Process Image..." script.

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