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Adding a Simple Layout for Each TO

Background: GoZync looks for a layout in GoZyncMobile with the same name as your table occurrence in order to determine which fields to sync. You can read more on this here: Layouts.

In the next step you'll create one layout in GoZyncMobile for each TO you added in the previous step. You can already see layouts for our example TOs: "gzh_Contact" and "gzm_Contact".

Step 2.1: Add layouts

For each table occurrence you added in step 1 of 4, create a new layout in GoZyncMobile with exactly the same name as the associated TO. Add the fields you'd like to sync to each of these layouts. You can either "move" all the fields over to the layout and then delete the ones you don't need once the layout is created (that's pretty fast), or pick the fields you want one-by-one right in the New Layout wizard.

Don't worry about which theme you choose for these layouts or how they look: your users will never see them.

When you're done, drag the "gzh..." layout(s) into the folder "hosted" and the "gzm..." layout(s) into the folder "mobile". This isn't required but it will make you feel better about your work.

Check your work

Head over to GoZyncHosted and visit the Configuration tab again: click "Refresh" and see if your layouts check out. If they don't, click on the caution icon beside them to see what's wrong.


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